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Martin De Porres

The following is a short reflection given by one of our graduating High School students, Justin C., on the occasion of the first Annual Martin de Porres Brunch/Luncheon held on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at the Hempstead Country Club. The Brunch/Luncheon honored 3 of our senior staff who collectively have served Martin de Porres students for over 120 years: Gloria Aloise, Ron John and Elizabeth Williams.




“Hello MdeP Donors and Friends,


My name is Justin and I am 18 years old. I am a senior at the Martin de Porres High School. MdeP has been a part of my family since 2004. I started at the Elementary/JHS School when it was over in Springfield Gardens. I originally came to MdeP because I exhibited serious behavioral problems in my previous school and initially did the same when I started attending Martin de Porres Elementary/JHS. At that time, when I got angry, I used to throw desks and do other potentially harmful things. It would take the whole day for me to calm down and feel better. There were situations when I became so upset at not being able to finish my classwork that I would try to run away from school. There were even times when my parents would have to come to school to accompany me on field trips so that I could join in and attend such out of school activities.


Staff members would help me stay safe, give me time to cool down and offer me helpful advice. The relationships I formed with staff are what helped me the most. It wasn’t about consequences or threats. They made me feel like I wanted to do better rather than my feeling forced to do better. They used creative approaches to reach and connect with me. Eventually I felt like the school staff worked like a family in trying to help me and not just like some subject teacher.


When I started the MdeP High School, my behaviors were better but I still kept to myself a lot. Mr. Artie Williams and my parents encouraged me to try out for the school’s basketball team. It turned into a great outlet for me and helped me with meeting girls, built up my self-esteem, gave me a chance to be a leader and helped me to make a lot of positive friendships. Basketball has been a major influence in my success and overall positive High School experience.


This past year I began an internship at the Animal Hospital of the Rockaways. I have enjoyed being there and have learned a lot from them as well as working with the animals they care for at the Hospital. My future plans include graduating in a few weeks from the MdeP High School with a full NYS Regents Diploma and then attending LaGuardia Community College this fall. I would like to become a Veterinary Technician and eventually go back to school to become a licensed and professional Veterinarian.


I would like to give special thanks to Mr. Artie Williams, Ms. Betty Williams and Mr. Ron John for their positive influence on me. Also special thanks to Mr. Matt Pearson, Ms. Karel Lancaster and my basketball coaches Mr. Atef Aiken and Mr. Glen Harding. Above all my most special THANKS to my parents for never giving up on me and for always pushing me in the right direction.


Thank you for taking the time to listen to my MdeP experiences and above all for your support of the Martin de Porres School.”





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