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De Porres


a great place to be...

Academics at MDP

All Martin De Porres programs provide stimulating learning environments. From our elementary/junior high school program through our high school, all of our educators strive to help our students learn to their potential. In supportive classrooms, students are taught by experienced special educators who understand each child's individual academic needs.


Besides academics, vocational skill development is an essential part the curriculum. MDP's educators are also particularly sensitive to the social and emotional needs of students. At MDP, we teach to the whole child. We work with families and caregivers to engage all in the community of learning that is MDP. It is our belief that all children have tremendous potential to be tapped and bought forth.


The Arts at MDP

At the elementary, junior high and high school levels, a high premium is placed on the creative expression that is the hallmark of the arts. Dance education, music education, drama and the fine arts are a significant part of the school day. Our High School offers music instruction using many instruments including traditional African drums. In fact, this past year, the African Drumming Circle coordinated with the dance class to provide a wonderful performance.


Our Elementary Junior High School program offers the opportunity to participate in Band, Dance and Chorus varying form from beginning levels to advanced levels. Our ongoing concert series along with our dance recitals are exceptional and showcase the talent that MDP students demonstrate. The Arts are clearly alive at MDP!

MDP Athletic Programs

We offer varsity and junior varsity teams in wrestling, basketball and cheerleading. Our sports teams have excellent coaching and training by a dedicated group of coaches. We are proud of our student athletes who improve every year as they compete with other New York City and Long Island teams.


Many of our students have become competitive chess players. Staff members have worked closely with our students to refine their skills. At MDP, we find that Chess helps develop cognitive skills while being a great social outlet.

Twelve-Month Program



Elmont Campus




Valley Stream Campus





Ozone Park Campus

The summer program, besides being an opportunity for instructional support is a lot of fun. During the summer (2 month) as well as the ten-month program, students are involved in recreational, social and cultural experiences both in school and on well-planned outings. There is something, and most often many things that students love to do at MDP.

What Else?

At all of our campuses, the Related Services provided to students are counseling, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. These services mandated by the Committee on Special Education, are provided by New York State Licensed Clinicians: Social Workers, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapists. We also have New York State Certified School Psychologists, and School Counselors. Besides these supportive services, behavioral counselors are present throughout the day to assist students with any need.


At our day programs, staff are certified by the Crisis Prevention Institute and all Casa staff have been certified by the Therapeutic Community Intervention method (Cornell University) to deal with behaviors and emotions in students that can be a challenge.