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Direct Care


Direct care workers interact with our young men all of the time. They are the ones who supervise the student residents and manage behavior. Their primary role is to insure the well being of residents.


Direct care workers are central to meeting the day-to-day needs of our young men. To insure this, direct care workers attend ongoing trainings on behavioral management, interpersonal relationships, adolescent development, mental health, etc. All staff are certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI). This is a nationally recognized program dealing with development and behavioral intervention. Direct care workers report to the Residential Manager who work tirelessly to insure effective maintenance of all of the CASA's residential programs.


It is a hallmark of the CASA that all workers interact with each student and coworker in a respectful and supportive manner. We provide the same care and concern for our residents that we would provide for a family ember. Be assured, the direct care worker maintains a safe, clean, stimulating and healthy environment that is of the highest standards.

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