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Martin De Porres

Dear Friends, A time for rebirth and renewal, spring has finally arrived, and the Martin De Porres School is embracing the season! As we welcome back our students and faculty from Easter/Passover Break, we look back at our recent accomplishments and look forward to a successful end to the academic year.


April 7th was ASPCA Day at our Elmont campus, and what a day it was for our students. With an exotic animal demonstration presented by the Nassau County Chapter of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as well as horse rides and a petting zoo, our children got a hands-on opportunity to learn about the animal world. This unique event was a perfect reward for the students who had worked hard to prepare for the state English Language Arts exams, which took place a few days before.


Also at the elementary/middle school, we’ve used school-wide themes as important learning tools to unify every classroom around an interesting subject matter. Our recent “Commercials and Advertisements” theme came to a successful conclusion with each class producing its own video commercial. Topics were insurance, sneakers, cell phones, cleaning supplies, breakfast foods and many more. There was no limit to the ideas! Next up is “Planets, Gravity, Stars, and Black Holes.” We can’t wait to see the students’ creativity and excitement reach cosmic heights!


Ask any eighth grade student, “Which is better: rap music or pop music?” and you’re sure to elicit some strong opinions. Harnessing the students’ natural passion and creativity, teachers at the Elmont campus employed this musical hypothetical to teach the fundamentals of argumentation and debate – a core academic skill that will help students throughout their scholastic careers. The kids had a blast and they learned a lot in the process. What could be better?


Speaking of music, I want to single out the work of Kyle Zevada, our high school music teacher at the Rockaway campus, who has been doing a great job introducing our students to the wonderfully diverse world of musical instruments. This year, Mr. Zevada started an African drumming circle with students and staff, opening new and wonderful experiences for our music students.


Also on the high school academic front, we have two great announcements. We are extremely proud to tell you that starting in the fall, we will offer our students Advanced Placement courses. And equally exciting, joining our high school graduates in June will be three Casa De La Salle residents. Terrific accomplishments!


Job … jobs … jobs … Part of our Martin De Porres’ educational mission has always been focused on post-graduation employment for students who do not pursue college. To meet this goal, many of Casa De La Salle students are gearing up for summer employment through the Summer Youth NYC program. And we continue to develop and expand our relationships with local businesses, like Home Depot and Marshalls in order to offer vocational opportunities to our students.


We’re so proud of our students and we will continue to do our best to prepare them for the next stage of their lives.


As always, thanks for stopping by for news about Martin De Porres. Check back soon for more updates.


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